For years, customers have asked us for a Paradigm Labs’ sponsored Enviroguard Certification. Whether for credibility, marketability or pure education, we’ve understood this request and we’ve been working toward it ever since. So what’s prevented a certification to this point? It’s been said before that “timing is everything”. It’s also been said that “preparation is the key to success”. On both fronts, it’s the right time and the preparation has been done to launch a successful certification system.

Click below to see a presentation that was recorded that discusses the need for the Enviroguard Certification Program starting with Enviroguard for Real Estate.

Learn about the Enviroguard Certification opportunity

First, some history

For 10+ years, I’ve been espousing the value of creating a well-rounded company that provides curative/remedial, preventative/control, residual inspection/service contract and priority emergency services. Mid 2016, Michelle at R&R Magazine asked me to write an article which was eventually titled “Capturing Stable Sales Revenue in 2017” and was the feature article in R&R’s December 2016 issue. The article turned out to be a top 10 article for 2016 and it gave me hope that many of the companies that we work with are finally ready to develop a complete and financially sustainable business model. However, I didn’t want to make any assumptions and so I called on some customer/contractor relationships around the country who I knew were determined to move in a similar direction with their companies.

After some discussion, the five of us went to work immediately with weekly Friday meetings to set forth and review progress one week at a time. From target markets and messaging to content and graphics, FastRightGuaranteed.com was born to speak directly to the motivations of target customers. We decided to begin with the “low hanging fruit” of the Real Estate industry since it represents a target for most if not all of our potential Certified Contractor base. As we began interviewing realtors and conveniently, home inspectors who they work with in New Orleans, we knew we had a tiger by the tail. In one interview, after about an hour of discussion and questioning of the realtor followed by an on-camera interview, the realtor said enthusiastically, “I want this for my home so that I can experience it and recommend it to all of our clients”. Additional interviews yielded similar responses and interest. As such, the first Certification Course that’s launching in September is called “Enviroguard for Real Estate”.

System 1

Enviroguard for Real Estate speaks to the needs, wants and motivations of agents, buyers and sellers. Agents don’t want anything standing in the way of closing a deal and they don’t want anything coming back to bite them. Buyers want need repairs to be done right and they want the peace-of-mind that they won’t have problems in the future. Sellers want to maximize return on the sale of their property by minimizing repair costs and the time involved in completing the repairs while also eliminating future liability. Enviroguard for Real Estate provides the agents and the seller with a systematic way of having repairs (clean up and restoration) done FAST and RIGHT which produces a 90 transferrable guarantee from the Enviroguard Certified Contractor. The buyer is educated on the fact that the only way to prevent against future problems is to change the environment permanently with an engineered moisture control system installation.

They have 90 days from the date of repair to opt into moisture controls. By doing so, the guarantee transfers to them and becomes an annually renewable guarantee system that is maintained by annual inspection and a maintenance agreement. It also produces a Permanent Property History Report (like a Carfax for the property) so that future sales for the both the agents and the new buyer maintain the “FAST, RIGHT, GUARANTEED” standard and so that the future transaction are more profitable and trouble free than other properties on the market not carrying the system or branding.

What’s different about the Enviroguard Certification?

If there’s one thing that I hear over and over again about training systems and certification programs, it’s that most of the content is generally theoretical and based on a endless powerpoint presentation that leaves a company to figure out implementation on their own. The reason that I formed a Development Team based on contractors was to prevent against an incomplete certification system. Our team believes that you should walk out of our Certification with the training and step-by-step instruction to simply and quickly implement field, operational, marketing and selling systems with your company. As such, not only will you receive complete hands-on training in each area but you’ll receive a guide to keep you on track and a video recording of your time here at our training center so that as you have questions, not only can you contact us but you’ll have a complete library of reference resources to get the answers that you need, when you need them.

Sounds great, but what will I learn?

At FastRightGuaranteed.com we say “Cleaning up a moisture problem isn’t a cure unless you change the environment so that it stays dry for good”. Every part of the building envelope, from the exterior facade where wind driven rain and freeze/thaw results in greater moisture load on a building and decreases substrate longevity to crawl space and attics where condensation moisture from mechanicals to moisture release from the ground/foundation or water use in the house contributes to elevated moisture content, has been considered in putting together our Certification Program.

  • The course will cover:
  • Structural Cleaning and Stain Removal
  • Odor Elimination (substrate and airborne)
  • Dew Point Controlled Ventilation (for both moisture and heat dissipation)
  • Re-insulating a structure for increased R-value, thermal break, air sealing, comfort and noise reduction
  • One-part moisture cure sealing and caulking for structural integrity, moisture sealing and air sealing
  • Two-part spray foam for energy efficiency and comfort

Within each of these major topics, as hands-on instruction, documentation and implementation processes are required, training will be full spectrum. For example, as we’re training on how to setup and run a successful Guarantee System, you’ll receive training on:

  • Work flow
  • Inspections (reporting, scheduling,
  • Permanent Property History Report (initiating, maintenance and transfer)
  • Record keeping
  • Guarantee Processing (initiating, processing, maintenance, transfer and cancellations)
  • Guarantee Renewals (reminders and notices)

What will future training cover?

Let’s be honest, some continuing education courses cover little in terms of new content. The reason that we call Enviroguard for Real Estate “System 1” for short is that there are many target industries that we’d all like to grow into with the right products, customer education, support tools, marketing, etc to continuing provide a growth path that’s specific, organized and simple to implement. Here’s what to expect in coming months and years.

  • System 2: Enviroguard for Builders & Developers
  • System 3: Enviroguard for Architects & Engineers
  • System 4: Enviroguard for Property Management
  • Systme 5: Enviroguard for Hygienists & Inspectors

Each system will be built with the same attention to detail but because the primary infrastructure is in place, continuing education should not require as many days to accomplish. Think of System 1 as your certification baseline (the on-ramp if you will) that not only focuses on the Real Estate industry but provides the in depth training of the products, equipment, systems, marketing strategy and sales tactics to support all future Systems.


What’s the next step?