Course 1: Enviroguard for Real Estate

COURSE 1: ENVIROGUARD FOR REAL ESTATE is the “on-ramp” for certifying contractors with a complete line of services, from cleanup and odor mitigation to moisture and thermal controls, both within and outside the building envelope. This course is targeted at expanding sales related to the Real Estate Industry by speaking to the needs, wants and motivations of agents, buyers and sellers.

Agents don’t want anything standing in the way of closing a deal and they don’t want anything coming back to bite them. Buyers need repairs to be done right and they want the peace-of-mind that they won’t have problems in the future. Sellers want to maximize return on the sale of their property by minimizing repair costs and the time involved in completing the repairs while also eliminating future liability. Enviorguard for Real Estate brings solutions to these concerns through a robust methodology centered on the “Fast, Right, Guaranteed” standard for contractor to capture the real estate market.

Enviroguard for Real Estate provides the agents and the seller with a systematic way of having repairs (cleanup and restoration) done fast and right which produces a 90 day transferable guarantee from an Enviroguard Authorized Company. The buyer is educated on the fact that the only way to prevent against future problems is to change the environment permanently with an engineered control system. They have 90 days from the date of repair to opt into controls. By doing so, the guarantee transfers to them and becomes an renewable guarantee system (called the Continuous Protection Guarantee) that is maintained by annual inspection and a maintenance agreement.

The Continuous Protection Guarantee also establishes the Permanent Property History Report™, like a Carfax™ for the property. It creates a high degree of buyer confidence with evidence that the property has been maintained to the highest standard. Future sales of the property will more profitable and trouble free than properties not carrying this system. By combining curative, control and inspection services together though service contracts, Enviroguard helps our Authorized Companies establish consistently profitable and valuable businesses.


  • Create 12 month service continuity by coordinating curative, control, emergency and inspection services for consistency in sales, profits and company value
  • Broaden knowledge base on professional product use, safety, efficiency, procedures, estimating, etc. to standardize work and inspection protocol
  • Instruct on the integration of standardized tools for marketing to quickly capture low hanging fruit and overall market share
  • Teach the fundamentals of structuring a Protection Guarantee System supported by the Permanent Property History Report for residual income, quality control, and add-on sales
  • Provide ongoing support and continuing education opportunities to penetrate future industries including builders, developers, architects, engineers, property manager, etc.


  • Listed as “Enviroguard Authorized Company” on
  • Licensing of all Enviroguard support, marketing and sales materials with co-branding
  • Each individual in attendance receives “Enviroguard Certified Contractor” designation
  • Exclusive contractor use of Permanent Property History Report system
  • Exclusive Certified Contractor Support via Phone, Web Meeting and periodic in-person visit
  • Exclusive pricing/support with ATMOX, ISI Building Products, and ICP Adhesives & Sealants

We are solely interested in partnering with companies that are committed to the highest degree of service and ethics. While no prerequisite courses are required for certification, our development team consisting of 7 independently operated companies are involved in approving candidates for the course. We encourage 2 individuals from each company to attend the certification course. One individual should represent the operations side of the business while the other should be directly involved with the marketing and sales aspects of the company. Lacking either discipline will hinder a quick launch with timely success. This course caters to owners, managers, supervisors, sales staff, marketing staff and/or lead technicians.

Course 1: Enviroguard for Real Estate will be held in Banner Elk, North Carolina. ENVIROGUARD SUPPORT & TRAINING CENTER (classroom style training in the morning)

2780 Tynecastle Hwy, Banner Elk, NC 28604

ENVIROGUARD HANDS-ON TRAINING FACILITY (hands-on style training during the afternoon)

66 Pershing St. #3, Newland, NC 28657 in the afternoons.

Course dates will be announced through email and will be posted on Facebook and ParadigmLab’s website.