EnviroSeal, reacts permanently with calcium hydroxide in concrete and masonry surfaces to reduce porosity and permeability of the structural matrix and to stop efflorescence. This serves to increase the hardness and chemical resistance which, in turn, increases the service life of the surface.

Available in 5 Gallons

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  • Non-toxic with high LD50 values
  • No VOC’s (no volatile organic compounds)
  • Non-flammable, No APE’s, Sodium and Chlorine-free
  • Biodegradable (safe for people, pets and plants)

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Works  for:

  • Poured and Pre-formed Concrete
  • Concrete Block and Mortar Joints
  • Brick with Mortar Joints
  • Stone with Mortar Joints

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  • Increases chemical resistance
  • Prevents efflorescence
  • Hardens concrete
  • Minimizes dusting, spalling and hairline cracking
  • Prepares surface for MasonryGuard

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  • EnviroSeal is a concentrate that dilutes to a water-thin solution, making it fast and easy to apply for professional contractors.