Knockdown encapsulates and immobilizes air and surface-borne contaminants before, during or after the restoration and/or reconstruction process. It’s available as a concentrate that dilutes 1 part Knockdown into 15 parts water (8 ounces per gallon).

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  • Non-Toxic with high LD50 values
  • VOC Compliant to meet LEED low-emitting materials requirements (<50g/L)
  • Non-Flammable, Non-Corrosive and Non-Reactive
  • No Heavy Metals

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Encapsulates and immobilizes surface and airborne particles to prevent cross-contamination before, during or after restoration or reconstruction procedures.

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  • Surrounds and immobilizes airborne contaminants, fragments and particles
  • Solubilizes quickly in water-based solutions for easy cleanup during or after restoration
  • Prevents the spread and cross-contamination of surface and airborne particles to help keep environments cleaner during and after the restoration process