A mold-resistant protective coating for interiors and exteriors that leaves an opaque white finish.

5 gallons

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  • Water-based and Non-toxic
  • Low VOC’s and LEED compliant to meet IEQ Credit 4.2
  • Contains no organometallic compounds
  • Non-reactive to metals composites and plastics
  • Resists leaching and is non-persistent in the environment

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  • Warranted protection in both interior conditioned spaces
  • Wooden surfaces like treated/untreated lumber. particle board, OSB and masonite
  • Metal surfaces like iron, steel, aluminum, copper, and zinc
  • Manufactures surfaces like composites, wallboard, fiberglass, and plastics

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  • Breathable to prevent dry or wet rot conditions
  • Covers in one coat at up to 320 square feet (warranted)ooden surfaces like treated/untreated lumber. particle board,
  • Acts as a barrier to moisture to prevent moisture content increases
  • Forms a tough, durable and abrasion resistant barrier to contaminants

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Priced Right

  • 20% to 40% less per 5-gallon bucket
  • 30% to 70% less when applied to product warranty standards


Conscientious Protection

SafeGuard is protected by THE isothiazalone antimicrobial molecule that won the 1996 Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award for Designing Safer Chemistries. Its leach resistance ensures a long service life. It’s non-persistence in the environment prevents liability.

Compatable with Oxypar and Botanical products

A Barrier to the Environment

By placing a physical antimicrobial-protected barrier between the structure and the environment, both moisture and contaminant control is certain.

Breathability Matters

While SafeGuard is moisture resistant to the environment, it does allow water vapor to pass between the environment and the structural surfaces. So if moisture content is high, SafeGuard helps prevent against wet rot and conversely, it prevents dry rot.