Oxypar LC 

A stabilized hydrogen peroxide cleaner and stain remover concentrate for all surfaces that is safe and reduces labor costs.

3 gallons

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Non-toxic with high LD50 values

No VOC’s (no volatile organic compounds)

Non-flammable, No APE’s, Sodium and Chlorine-free

Biodegradable (safe for people, pets and plants)

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 Wood surfaces like treated/untreated lumber, particle board, OSB and masonite

“Non-white” Metal surfaces like steel, copper, and brass

Manufactured surfaces like wallboard and plastics

Masonry like poured/pre-formed concrete, concrete block, brick, and stone

 Textiles like carpet, upholstery, draperies, athletic gear and apparel

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 Vigorous foaming action tells you where contaminants are on contact

Powers through organic soiling for deep cleaning

 Foaming action penetrates into the smallest pores to release, lift and remove imbedded soiling

 Continues brightening and restoring surfaces for up to 24 hours

 Prepares surfaces for coatings and sealers

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Priced Right

 40% to 70% less per ready-to-use gallon

 Concentrated to reduce cost
(1gallon makes 5 gallons)


Seen or unseen, most surfaces are dirtier than we think. Oxypar LC foams on contact when it comes in contact with a dirty surface – so you know where to focus your efforts. Before you think the job is done, use it once more so that you know the job is complete and ready for reconstruction.


Oxypar LC uses a unique formula that allows it to penetrate surfaces and soil loads quickly and release embedded contaminants so they can be easily wiped or HEPA vac’d away.


Oxypar LC safely and effectively removes organic pigment staining from mold and mildew. It works with oxygen instead of toxic, fume-releasing chemicals like bleach (sodium hypochlorite).