OxyPrep is a ready-to-use stain remover and pre-spray*. It instantly goes to work removing stains and odors on contact caused by mold, mildew, bacteria and other organics

1 gallon, 5 gallons and 55 gallons  (1 gallon containers are packaged 4 to the case)

*OxyPrep is commonly used before Oxypar LR. (See “user instructions” on product label)

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Removes Staining and Odors on Surfaces like:

  • Wood: treated/untreated lumber, particle board, OSB and masonite
  • Manufactured Surfaces: composites, wallboard, fiberglass and plastics
  • Masonry: poured/pre-formed concrete, concrete block, brick, EFIS and stucco

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  • Eliminates staining and odors caused by mold, mildew, animals and decay
  • Penetrates through soil, dirt and grime
  • Prepares surfaces for fast cleaning with Oxypar (see “user instructions” on label).

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Priced Right

  • OxyPrep is 15% – 25% less than competitive products

Watch as OxyPrep removes mold staining on contact fast, preparing the surface for the deep cleaning with Oxypar!

Use OxyPrep as part of an overall procedure for structural cleaning, exterior restoration and sewage cleanup in residential, commercial, institutional and industrial properties where staining and odors persist.

OxyPrep is part of the ultimate labor-reducing Enviroguard Structural Cleaning System where stain removal, deodorization and surface preparation is needed. If deep cleaning and soil removal is needed, use Oxypar LR after pre-treating with OxyPrep. See “user instructions” on label for details.