An intumescent fire and mold-resistant paint that can be used for structural fire protection or as a protective tentacle finish paint. Available in white or black.

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  • Water-based and Non-toxic
  • Low VOC’s and LEED compliant to meet IEQ Credit 4.2
  • Contains no organometallic compounds
  • Non-reactive to metals composites and plastics
  • Resists leaching and is non-persistent in the environment

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  • Provides 72 seconds of protection for every applied wet mil.
  • Exceeds NFPA 1715 test requirements
  • Exceeds E-84 and E-84 Extended testing for flame spread rate
  • Exceeds E-119 for Wall Assemblies, Floor Assemblies and Ceiling Assemblies
  • Exceeds D-5590 testing for fungal resistance

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  • Doubles the time to get out of a building and to safety
  • Limits damage by controlling flame spread in a building
  • Blocks stains and seals odors on wood, wallboard and other semi-porous surfaces
  • Can be an ignition or thermal barrier on 2-part foam insulation or wall, ceiling and floor assemblies
  • Acts as a barrier to moisture to prevent moisture content increases

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Priced Right

  • 10% to 20% less per 5 gallon bucket
  • 15% to 30% less when applied to product warranty standards
  • Ships anywhere in the continental U.S. for FREE

Prevents Thermal Transfer

When heated, Pyromescent forms a thick char layer on whatever it’s protecting and it acts like insulation. This prevents the combustion of materials it’s protecting and also prevents the combustion of materials in an adjacent room!