A new pass code protected store, just for our customers, will launch soon. Within the store, you’ll be able to place orders and track shipments plus you’ll be able to either pay with a credit card or enter your Paradigm Labs’ credit account number. You’ll receive an invoice letting you know that your order has been received and is being prepped for shipment!


We believe that loyalty deserves reward.

Our programs are designed to support customers

who have demonstrated their desire for long-term partnership.



New customers who don’t have a sufficient credit history get started on our “Pay as you go” program. This is the on-ramp to establishing a 30-Day Credit account with us. For the first six months of working together, we can hold your payment information in our secure system. When you call to place your orders, simply give us your name, order and security code and we’ll take care of the rest.



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Unlike your cable company, after six months of consistent ordering, your account will be upgraded to “Preferred” status. As a Preferred Customer, you’ll enjoy a discount status that starts at 15% off our regular prices. The 15% discount applies to any size order. Best of all, your 15% discount is just the starting point as a Preferred Customer.



As a Preferred Customer, you’ll also have the opportunity to apply for a 30-Day Credit Account. With a 30-Day Credit Account, you can place orders via email, fax, phone or with our soon-to-be new online store with a name, job reference or purchase order number and your order will be prepared for shipment.