Warranty Registration

A new, automated system for Warranty Registration will soon be available here.

In the meantime, please follow the instructions below which are also on page 2 of both the Existing Construction Warranty and New Construction Warranty documents.

When submitting a Warranty Registration, please attach before and after photographs with clear views of the surface(s) prior to cleaning, after cleaning and after surface protection. If surfaces are not at Condition 1 status, the first set of pictures should show the contaminated surfaces prior to cleaning. Once the surfaces are cleaned to Condition 1 status, a second set of pictures (from similar vantage points) should be taken as documentation. The third set of pictures should be taken once the Enviroguard protective coatings are applied to the surfaces (from similar vantage points).

All warranty registrations may be submitted to Paradigm Labs, Inc. as follows.

By Mail:
Paradigm Labs, Inc.
Attn: Enviroguard Warranty Processing
P.O. Box 138
Pine Grove, PA 17963

By Email:
Subject: Enviroguard Warranty Processing

By Fax
Attn: Enviroguard Warranty Processing